It's All getting a bit real

More often than not, whenever I tell people that I am starting off a new business, they request my business card… it can be embarrassing sometimes… So, time to get organised in that department…

Having run through a couple of designs, I finally settled on a ‘less is more’ attitude.  I opted to introduce myself and what I do on the front, with the all important contacts on the reverse:

– Name

– Business website address

– Phone number

– Email address

– Twitter handle, and

– LinkedIn address


Below are the reasons for choosing the above combination:

Name – to clarify who is behind the brand on the front of the card

Business website address – to continue the branding and direct people to the website

Phone number – for obvious reasons

Email address – most people’s preferred form of contact these days

Twitter handle – further legitimises the brand and should people visit, they will see plenty of activity on relevant topics

LinkedIn address – a savvy client will check this out, to assist in their decision making

Side One
Side Two

The branding and colour scheme have been decided upon – I have used it in my first business website landing page (my .eu domain) and have used it throughout my new site ( .ie domain) which I am creating using WordPress and the Divi framework, by Elegant Themes.

I created the business cards using (fantastic for creating images for social media posts), and downloaded in pdf form for printing (didn’t even know you could do this before).  Needed a bit of tweaking however to line up with the sizing from the printing company.  Uploaded them to create the order and Voila!!

Opted to go for a good quality card and finish and despite a bit of apprehension waiting to view the final products, I couldn’t be happier.

On a funny note, the guy delivering the cards, rather than ring the doorbell, went around the back and tried to put the package into the coal bucket …. for safe keeping….

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