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Project Description

We here at @Media_Dog like to keep things simple – for the client.  You are running a business, you need a website, and you don’t want to be at the mercy of a developer for every little update. Having investigated many d.i.y. platforms for websites, we have ‘fallen’ for WordPress using Divi primarily because each section and module can be clearly labelled for the user.  Wordpress itself is hugely popular but this extra addition to it make the user interface much more pleasing. Take a look at some of our favourite bits below.

Project Details

Client @Media_Dog
Date 30th March 2017
Skills Branding, Web Design

Colour Palette used on all @Media_Dog branding

Colour pallette for @Media_Dog

Take a peek inside

Wordpress site using Divi theme

Frontend Vs Backend

The image to the left is a (partial) view of the homepage frontend – the view that any visitor to the website will see. Underneath this text, is a view of that same page from the backend – or the admin view when logged in.  We are using Divi from elegant themes to make editing and updating our websites as easy as possible for the client – or whomever they nominate to maintain the site. Each section and module can be clearly be identified eliminating confusion for the admin and encouraging them to go forth with confidence view of backend of website

Easy to use interface

Click on any Divi module and you will encounter a pleasing user interface.  Available options are clearly identified.  Text editor will be familiar to most.  Further more advanced options are available but there is no requirement to use them.

screen shot of CTA module

Divi Visual Builder

Click and Type
Responsive editing
Real time design
Customise everything

These are just some of the features available when using the visual builder functionality which is part and parcel of a website built with WordPress using the Divi theme.

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