Ready for launch... set to go live this week

@Media_Dog Is Open For Business

Delighted to announce, that after many months (‘years’ really) of researching, planning, and learning, @Media_Dog is ready for take off!

Thanks for all the encouragement and assistance received from family, friends, development groups and networks.  It is very much appreciated.


The Dog's Blog

From time to time, we will be sharing blog posts on a variety of business / marketing / development / design related subjects.  We would love if you subscribe or follow to stay informed.

The Portfolio

Or portfolio will contain a mix of web design projects, case studies, marketing / photographic galleries and probably some random stuff too.

Feel free to browse.


WP + Divi =

We created a case study of this website in order to display the ease at which a user can maintain a website created using WordPress and Divi.

Here, you will see the correlation between the front and back ends of this website and hopefully gain an appreciation as to why this combination is one of our top picks for creating functional maintainable websites for the small business.

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