Q&A for your new website

What's holding you back?

Hesitant to contact a website developer?

At what point do you make contact with a professional to discuss building a website?  It’s a question a lot of people face.  How to get information without feeling committed to  either starting a project or to that developer… or both?  The last thing you want is to start a process and shortly thereafter find yourself overwhelmed, things are moving too fast, or you feeling added pressure from requirements for content in addition to running your business.

Check out this Q&A form which will tease out a few of the questions you might have prior to diving headfirst into the project.  Develop a deeper insight into the primary business goals for the website.  What is the purpose, the benefits, the calls to action you will use?  Have you considered what functionality the site will need?

Dip your toe in the water and complete this simple Q&A to give you some food for thought on your online web presence.

And then, when you feel ready, get in touch.

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